Monday, 29 October 2012

Delicate Wings A-Fluttering
As it's half term, and I know I should be doing coursework - but of course, like many, I'm not - I decided to dance my fingertips over some new material and magical meanings. My auntie Sue (bless her cotton socks!) bought me two books. Not just any books though. Good Faeries....Bad Faeries by Brian Froud, and How To See Faeries by Brian Froud and John Mattews.

 I'm. In. Heaven! The illustrations by Brian are just amazing - there's no word to describe the awesomeness that is presented before your eyes and I'm captivated by the imaginative reality of this realm. Of one that get's over-excited about simple things, this certainly caters for my inner madness.

Alongside this, I had been glancing at a multitude of Fae images when I came across Even though it's not a proper blog, and I'm not a huge fan of Tumblr, it did however draw me in to the amount of beauty and faery-like inspiration this individual is drawn to. Page 15 in particular caught my eye with this image:
It's just elegant and beautiful! I'd be so tempted to try and recreate this masterpiece, but because I'm overhauled with (unfinished) coursework and additional projects, this may have to put to the back of the cupboard for the time being. *sigh*
Still, not to worry. I shall venture forth and admire more pretties to come!!

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