Friday, 12 October 2012

5 for Silver

"I've stopped and pondered for a very long time - a very long time indeed.
Almost as if I'm meant to wait for an interestingly strangeful deed.
And with that thought I rise and look to skies beyond the stars
Where all the faeries go to play with the magpies and cookie jars."

Time to think through thoughty thoughts. FIVE is a significant number to me. There are FIVE people in my house. There are FIVE very close friends that I have. There are FIVE trends that I adore and would love to clash them all together to create my own. To top it all off, I saw FIVE magpies today on my way home from College. 5 for Silver. I just hope that my superstitious mind brings a lot of luck my way! But you know what? I've had another realisation: all my friends are on the same wavelength as me - I was just too selfish to realise it; and if you're reading this, I'm sorry. Creative minds full of dark magic  and wondrous things are within us all. It's so good to feel like I've been slapped round the face and woken up (metaphorically speaking, of course).

I've finally agreed to choose FIVE universities to visit over the next year or so. My time has come to take a long quest towards Universities and distant cities. Today, I'm heading off to Plymouth, where I hope to enjoy the beauty of it and its 'College of Art' open day tomorrow.

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