Sunday, 28 October 2012

Happy Birthday to....


Yes, it is my birthday today - the good old age of 18.

I've been a beautiful long walk on the common with my parents and my youngest brother, which was lovely. There were plenty of muddy spots to get stuck in, but unfortunately, I failed to charge my camera battery, so there are no photo's to share with you of that.
However, having visited the Ballgown Exhibition at the London Victoria & Albert Museum last week I thought I'd share with you some images I found on Pinterest. Such elegant findings aren't they?

On another considering note, surprisingly, I haven't been - or don't plan to - get 'rat-arsed' with consumption of stupid amounts of alcohol. A shame to some, but I'm moving on from that phase - I mean, where's the fun now in buying it yourself when it was much more satisfying knowing you could get away with being able to purchase alcohol through older friends? Illegal, yes. But what we've got to ask ourselves is whether or not society is becoming one of those 'health-and-safety-obey-my-orders-or-I'll-fry-you-alive' kind of places. Oh, hang on... it is - or that's my interpretation anyhow.

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