Friday, 16 November 2012

Look at me?

It's getting darker early again! Or is it just because I'm incredibly late out of the photography studio at college? Either way it looks mysteriously interesting outside tonight.

It's been a busy few weeks. I've been contemplating the sensibility of Journalism and Media in today's society after having visited University open days, and I've come to conclusion that it's not my thing. Hang on, I know what you're thinking - "but you've got a blog!" you may chirp. Yes, but am I interfering with the outer universe? Do I actively encourage disastrous deceit and criticism? Would I refuse to understand the positive elements of a certain subject and not give constructive feedback about something other people may be passionate about? No. I'm a dressmaker. A craftier. The one with artistic capabilities. And I set off as I mean to go on, as I've been slogging away this evening on some photography shoots for my personal project, coincidentally focused on the subject of fashion. The two following images are the most successful ones that I took:

Inspired by Vivienne Westwood

Inspired by Peter Ashworth

Both - in fact all - shots were self-portrait inflicted. As selfish as it may seem, I found it better to encourage myself to do this not only to get back at the typical trash you see on facebook everyday, but also to encourage better self esteem for myself. Without blowing my own trumpet, I think that they turned out pretty well, too! I'm bigger than the average stereotypical model on the catwalk so it was interesting - and exciting - to try and make the fabric hang over my curves. The garments in the two photo's were hand-made by myself, which each took one day to put together, and allowed me to portray my own interpretations of the artists I've looked at. It was incredibly tricky to feel comfortable posing despite having an empty room, but it came naturally towards the end. The rest of the photo's need further development as I still found it tricky setting the timer on the camera and running back to the studio set in time with the right poses.

What are your thoughts?

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