Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Love of Vintage


Good Evening All,

I've been spending a non-productive day actually doing something very productive, scouring the web looking at all the dress-making blogs that I can get my hands on. I'm sure that many of you out there have heard of Gertie's New Blog For Better Sewing and are aware of her excellence in knowledge and ability of dressmaking. Her tutorials are brilliant for anyone who wants to have a go at making something fabulous, as well as her discussions on variously interesting fashion matters. One in particular featured the debate about high-street purchases in such forms of mass-production.
Although I do like the quirky style of H&M (UK) fashion, I have to agree with the fact everything is becoming so bland, same-ish and only-five-minute-wonders. The problem with they way everything has been mass-produced for customers is just simply wrong - we keep on complaining that we have to be individual and unique, but how can we when we're buying the same clothes as everyone else? What happened to one-off pieces designed to fit us perfectly? It makes me sad and angry that there is a huge percentage of people in the world that have lost touch with the art of craft. Despite several ttempts of revival,  sewing skills are still dying - WE NEED TO BRING THEM BACK!

 Which brings me onto the subject of VINTAGE...

Mad Men leading ladies
... It's been brought to my attention that TV Series 'Mad Men' became a hit phenomenon within the fashion world a couple of years ago, of which I ashamedly failed to comply with at the time. But I have to agree with the concept of many bloggers' aspirations for the intended decade promoted. Curves, femininity and luxury hug the seams of each garment and idol that swooned them. As a particular fan of Christina Hendricks' figure it helps to convey the fact that Women are MEANT to look fabulously sexy like this, and poses the question as to 'What the hell happened?!' to our 'too-modern-change'.
Arguably, we use the term Vintage for past fashion that I consider is described as, ' it was good in the old days, we've moved on and now we just admire them'. Shouldn't it just be considered fashion? Let me put it in another perspective: in thirty years time, would we consider Ugg boots and 'chavvy' leggins a Vintage staple? I think not. Unavoidably we have found good purpose to create such beautiful garments that I personally don't think they should be cast under such a slogan (even though it does have an alluring ring to it). It should be the case that the fashion industry actaually grows a pair of Vintage earrings, Feminizes up, and properly changes for the better. We DO have a need - a need to bring fashion the wake-up call it finally deserves.

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