Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Belated Happy New Year!

It was a strange. difficult and stressful year, but I've been persevering. Did anyone see the beautiful Christmas shop windows of Harrods in London? Oh my, they were so magical! An array of Disney Princesses inspired the look for 2012, which gives me a perfect opportunity to gain some ethereal inspiration for future projects. Sleeping Beauty is particularly my favourite, promoting a gorgeous Ellie Saab dress with an amazing applique flower decoration. The pink is just too good for words - it personifies every girl's dream dress down to a T.

Harrods window, Sleeping Beauty
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was also a must see - I saw it twice in less than a week!! It was THAT good, my friends. Tolkien followers, you'll love it, but for those who don't know or don't admire his work, please do watch this film as I can reassure you that the imagination behind this mythical masterpiece will change your minds. Of course you can't have a Tolkien film without a captivating song, so I'll leave you with "Misty Mountain", sung by the Dwarves at Bilbo Baggin's House on the eve before their quest to Erabor.

I leave the old year of 2012 behind and journey into 2013 with an open mind. Give me an adventure! 

Many people have been complaining about the 'New Year, New Start' slogan and it's getting on my nerves - my turn to have a complain. I always believe that a New Year can create a fresh sense of mind to move on from difficult prospers in the previous year. It's a sense of ease and most importantly a way to renew yourself. To those who say otherwise, then please just keep it to yourselves.

Glastonbury Tor -
Any how, for myself, I am hoping that it's going to be an exciting year! I finally agreed to go on the family February-half-term-get-away for a week (despite the big hit of A2 exams and coursework overload). But you've got to hear my justification as to why I want to go.... GLASTONBURY!!! O.K, were not actually staying in Glastonbury - we're going to Somerset for the week - but my fascination with the beauty of Glastonbury Tor and the mythical/magical elements it brings is going to be a soul enhancing opportunity to put something towards my photography work. And bring inspiration to textiles. And perhaps give me ideas to set up a potential business. And - oh yes, the possibilities are endless! So, exciting times are afoot.

On a crafting note, I have made more stuffs sewing wise, and found an idealism in creating small knitted items after making my Best Friend an owl hat. It's quicker for me to do and more satisfying to complete a knitted project within a couple of days as oppose to 6 or 7 months! I shall post some images once I have recharged my camera's battery, but until then, Happy Uniqueness Wishes to you all! x

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