Sunday, 20 May 2012

What's in a Name, On This Fine Summer's Night?

Aaah, the sweet smell of cut grass, the waft of beautiful foods and a soft distant song of flittering birds. It means one thing. Summer is arriving. The only problem is, I've been working all day so I haven't had the opportunity to bask in this wonderful weather Britain has strangely been having. Both that and the opportunity to realise how informative I've been of myself and my quite abrupt introuctions of myself. How rude of me - I must sound like a stuck-up, mad twit!!

Well, the clue's in the name of the Blog. I consider myself to be quite mad, but that can be quite contradicted by my shyness around people I don't know very well. It's actually hense the reason to why I've decided to write a blog. A lot of my friends don't have the same major wavelength as me in regards to where interests are concerned. As I've mentioned before I look towards Faeries and Dreams as oppose to the traditional fantasy-based followings. I like to be different - or at least consider myself to be different.
Writing. I love writing about insane and pointless stuff, so I suppose the blog will turn into an 'anything-and-everything' blog as oppose to the madness I've already provoked of just artwork and admiriations.
Speaking of admiriations, I thought I'd share with you a link to the inspiration that set off my creative spark to get into writing a blog. Folk and Faerie  is a much loved specimen to my life at the moment, as it holds a treasure of beautiful findings much to my liking. Despite the indication that Jessica Marie, the blog's author, is ending its chapter, I urge you to nosey around at her wonderful reviews and quirky influence. I particularly like her Faerie Wear entries, predominantly due to the fact that I'm a hopeful fashion student, but also as the pieces she's reviewed highlight my style and influences.  I hope you enjoy!

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