Saturday, 12 May 2012

Opening up to the World...

I thrive on creativity: a much pleasant and beautiful approach to life in this messed-up world. Eccentric? I could be, but I believe all the best people are.

 I've decided to  embark on a journey, opening up about my creative madness to the world, or most favourably, to those who care for the magical aspect of dreams.
Faerie, Folklore and Myth, Legend, Dream, and Magic, are some of the key aspects that reflect my imagination, inspiring me to produce unique artwork in my continuously developing photography and dressmaking skills. It is here that I will share with you my work and ideas, as well as streaming through magnificent work that I, and even you, will appreciate and admire from other artists or bloggers. 

What's the sense of loving something if you can't share it with anyone? This is my escapism. I hope you find peace within it too...

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