Thursday, 31 May 2012

Faerie Delights

Good afternoon to thee!
I have been scouring the 'net for wonderous ideas for some gear to make and wear to my first music festival of this year. I'm a bit bored with blending into the background, cavorting around in my music-t-shirts and shorts - not that it's hard for me to blend in, due to my magnificent size - so I'm hoping to liven myself up for the delights ahead.

I'm firstly hitting Wychwood, my first love of music and where I found my roots and beginnings to my eccentricity. It's fantastic! 1. because I don't see anyone I know, which means 2. I can look what I like and not give two hoots what anyone thinks; and 3. I get to enjoy time with my family (that's my parents, brothers and auntie).
There are some absolutely brilliant acts on this year, from the likes of: Bellowhead, The Damned, Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party, Hawkwind, Urusen, Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts, and my personal favourite, Dhol Foundation!

But anyways, I shall continue on with my quest for clothing. My good friend Pinterest came into the limelight to help me here, as I found an absolutely spiffing dress that feeds my needs. The following photo's are from several artists that call to me. I absolutely adore the quaint appearance of them, which I can assure you will bode well with my latest edition of some faerie wings - trainee, of course.

scrap fabric dress

embellished dress

faerie satchel

Another aspect I found incredibly intriguing was blogger 'musicianatheart', who, inevitably enlightened my sparking eyes to a quick project that I could achieve with all the left over scraps of materials in my cupboard. Thank you!! I shall start tinkering straight away....

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