Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Step Forward into My Dream

I thought I'd kick-start my blogging journey with some photography artwork that I'm really proud of. The following three images were a series of developed finals for my AS Photography Exam that I had created from the initial theme "Personal Possessions" and my loving desire of the possession of Dreams. My beautiful best friend, Philippa, modelled for me, as I wanted the scenery to bounce off of a figure to indicate this idea of dreams coming from someone. A lot of the work was inspired by Chiara Fersini and Selina Fenech, of which the first image was inspired by the idea of reflection. 
The waterfall appearance of the dress and background, which was in fact manipulated via photoshop with a section of the dress, creates that atmospherically dreaminess that you could easily slip into. This first shoot involved using two coloured gel light covers, a key light and two flag-boards on either side of the studio, which inevitably gave the desired display of colour within the piece. Without sounding big-headed - oh, who am I kidding? This IS big-headed of me - I was the first person in my year doing Photography to use the coloured gels within my work, which I can undoubtedly say was a success. The capture of light reflecting off of the dress gives a striking effect against the mood and sets the tone of the piece, as well as picking up on shadowed areas and features in the face.
This is particularly more noticeable in the other two images (the shadowing in the face, that is). I experimented with different coloured gels, this time settling for subtle pastel blues and turquoise, and incorporating more luxurious fabrics into the piece; as well as using some movement to give the shots more body. My favourite of the three is the third one, as I really like how I've managed to pull together my initial intentions of the themes I had looked at. The layered 'collage' appearance struggled in the first shot I must admit, as I found it hard to capture shots that were relevant to the tone and atmosphere to the coloured lighting. However, after much panic and desperation, I thought I'd  incorporated photo's that I had taken when I was up in Stocksbridge, South Yorkshire for a week back in April; which I felt flowed well with the whole concept and relevance of the themes.

Now, I like using photoshop if you're going to show a distinct change for colours or manipulation in ART. I do, however, object to the fake appearances still used in magazines that still control the way we 'should' look. My work uses this element to emphasise a dream-factor, not hide true identities. I particularly favour the blur and smudge tools which I used in the third image to create a watery effect.
What are your thoughts?

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