Saturday, 11 October 2014

Heavy Procrastination

Deciding to take a break mid-way into my coursework-devoted-day, yet wondering how long my procrastination will continue to abuse my chilled approach to my course. Problem is, I wouldn't necessarily say I'm chilled - I'm stressed beyond belief even though things have been explained more than enough times for me to get my head round...Complicating things much? Those of you who know me know how I do!!

It doesn't really help that we have four modules running alongside each other - two of them are continuing through to the end of the year, but the others are due in at the end of January. Not really a big issue, might I add, but the two modules due in are research, exploration and designing modules, which is ridiculous because I don't feel like I'm saying what I want to. Hell, I was expecting to go through the same boring rhetoric as I had at A Levels, but this just isn't pushing people to the best of their abilities: it's diminishing and feels like once again we're being processed into a channeled affair.

I don't want to give up hope on Plymouth. I'm already thanking myself for heading down to the South West purely for the joys of realizing I don't  want to have to adhere to the world's 'problems'. I want to be selfish with what I do. Not to say I'm against the idea of going where they feel everyone will be successful. I'd quite gladly take the opportunity to better myself. I'm just saying that I don't think, that with the concept I would like to bring to mainstream, I'd be accepted widely within the industry; yet equally don't want mainstream to trash or overuse the beauty I feel that the world in my head possesses.

So what to do?

Return to my coursework will be a start!

Maddening Wishes xxx

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