Monday, 6 October 2014

Devoted Contradictions

Tell me to shut up. Be quiet. To stop being annoying. A self confessed contradictor to the max and realising it to the max when I pour over fashion magazines. Let's face it, I love mainstream just as much as the next person. I have, in a way, thought about the processes in why I am like this - perhaps just an overload and total awe in such an array of trends, paths and fabrications.

Do I love it so much that I turned to hate it, or is it that I hate it so much that I secretly love it? Too mad, in my opinion! I'm setting myself a challenge: instead of rejecting these things I 'hate', I'm going to embrace them with open arms. Let's wipe the slate clean and start afresh with good intentions. Go with the flow. Because the more I keep complaining and moaning and groaning about everything the more I'm not really going to end up doing what I want to do (no, I'm not telling you what I want to do, just yet!).

So, first thing's first:

1. Embrace all trends.

For some reason I have 'hated' these trends for so long - but what is ridiculous is that I have been object of these trends... I embraced them when I was younger, and in fact was one of the reasons (along with Megan Nicolay's Generation T) why I decided to study Fashion at degree level.  Sometimes, I care far too much what people think. I looked to deeply into things that I'm starting to sound bored of my own opinions. Sucks, eh?   

2. I have loathed drum/base/dance/techno/electronic music since day 1. But until recent months, my eyes have been opened and it just all makes much more sense. I want to thank my younger brother, founder and creator of Zekond Music, who has completely changed my perspective of things. 
Although I still favour Folk and World artists, I have to say my tastes are changing, and the whole concept of this type of music just allows you to forget everything. You get caught up in the moment of things. I love it.

Finding my inner peace?

Maddening Wishes xxx

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