Monday, 6 May 2013

Just The Tee-ket

Yep, I know... cheese all over that title. But I couldn't help myself!! The glorious sun is out on this chilled bank holiday and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Ok, I say chilled as more of sat at the desk going through past exam papers in prep for my Textiles Unit 3 Theory exam kind of chilled - which in reality could be translated as 'yikes, I don't remember being taught this!'. On the bright side it is going rather fetchingly, so fingers crossed, eh? (website printscreened).
I'm currently having a well-earned break; a bit longer than it should be but hey, I've got to get some of those rays!! After shooing the cat from the comfort of his blanket on my bed (don't worry I wasn't intentionally cruel - he had a fur-ball and I didn't want a yak-smelling duvet for tonight!) I stumbled across a couple of books that I have ashamedly neglected over the past few years.

Generation-T is an awesome book written by Megan Nicolay, who has shown that you can just do about anything with a t-shirt. From refashioning funky tops, to reconstructing them into skirts, THIS is the reason I fell in love with fashion. Not high-end coutured pieces. Not stuck-up-look-at-me high street stores. THIS. It just feels so original and gives me the impression that everyone could have a go at making fashion their own. I love the fact that Nicolay also cares very deeply about the environment, which is something that I feel quite strongly about too. I own both her books, and I must say, flicking back through them is Just The Tee-ket I need to revive my feelings towards fashion.

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