Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Give me a break

In the sun? In the snow? In the woods? OK, the latter does sound creepy if you're looking at it from the WRONG perspective. I want a holiday. The major exam for textiles is looming around the corner and I'm just so damn tired!  But to help with this tiredness I've been listening to music, as you do. No, not making anything - I haven't got the energy to do that at the moment!

Anyhow, back to the music: Did anyone see Eurovision on Saturday (18th may) ? I think by far this year has been the best - it was all so modern and appealed to a younger audience much better than it has in the past. Denmark won, and quite rightly so in my opinion, as the combination of song, performance and outfit were just beautiful! I felt at home when their track came on, as the melodic tune that Ireland would put through - obviously not and their hard luck!
However, aside from this, I was also captivated by Robin Stjernberg's entry for Sweden. My heart just melts every time I hear the song 'You' that he performed on the Eurovision evening; of which the song below is of a guitar-acoustic version of 'You', but listen to the piano version too. Taking a look at his other songs 'Scars' and 'Beautiful' you just can't argue that this guy is amazing (despite being a participant of a singing talent contest in Sweden. Clearly Britain just hasn't got it right).
Aside from beautiful music, I will be taking a few months off of blogging to reconnect myself with what I really want to do. A.K.A, go out, have a bit of fun, and chill out. I will be back in September to share my Gap Year with you all and the fun projects I'll be looking forward to doing.
Until then,
happy blogging to all! xxx

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