Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Give me a Bug and I'll Talk about it for Hours...

Ok, so I've finished all my Photography coursework for the year and felt like meandering around on the web and random stuff - another strife for tattoo possiblities is still an ongoing search. Yep, madness.

But as I was in a trance over Pinterest and going crazy over the beautiful images my eyes had been littered with, something struck me quite suddenly. You all know out there how bored I am of clone-like fashion and I was interested in finding out what styles and trends other people loath. To my suprise I came across Chictopia which I can honestly say I'm proud to have found people who have the same hatred towards certain 'trends' as myself.

1. Brand slogans and advertisements on t-shirts. Just Don't. By all means have a patterned print but please, slogans have become an overrated nuisance and the high street has just ruined the whole concept of it.

2. The 'look-at-me-I'm-wearing-short-shorts-that-don't-fit-or-hide-my-rear' girls. I've been to Reading Festival (UK) and it just makes you feel so awkward when all you see is just, well, that. It's like a competition to see who can look the sluttiest - and it's one competition I think people would definately appreciate me not participating in.

3. Overly short skirts. Yes, the Mini skirt was invented for freedom of speech and a rebellion of the youth, but it doesn't mean that you have to parade your 'stuff' around for everyone to see. No I didn't want to see what coloured knickers you were wearing - save that for your boyfriend!

4. Ugg Boots. I'd accept them as slippers in front of the TV, but please what on earth were people thinking to wear them out on the high street paired with leggings or jeggings. They just make me cringe!

5. Neon anything paired with your fake-bake. I'm a strong protester against fake-tanning in the first place, but to pair it with a brightly coloured neon item that enhances your terrible efforts to create a 'healthy' glow? Not. My. Cup. Of. Tea.

6. On the subject of fake-tanning, the over-use of makeup that just isn't necessary. I've known many a girl at Secondary School and during my time at Sixth Form who I can't understand why they even need to consider plastering their faces in such muck because they quite frankly, well, look pretty without it. Enhance your features ladies, not create unslightly new ones!

7. Top-knots. Messy one's at that too. Yes I know they're apparently good for making round faces look more oval, but to me it just looks so, well, messy. But on the other end of the scale, I'm not keen on sleek ponytails either - I'm more of the loose-rough-it-and-go person. A natural mess wouldn't harm anyone from time to time.

8. Overly structured, monochrome suits and dresses. It may be practical for work but can't we jazz it up just a little bit?

Well there you have it. My list of bug-bearings, aside from clone-war shops. Please share some of your fashion and trend pet-hates....

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