Monday, 11 February 2013

Shock Horror....

...I've updated my blog in less than a week!! Yes, yes, calm people - it's only human to leave things for ages and then go back to them. Well, at least in the world of Alimcfadian it is. Anyhow, let me see. What was I going to talk about? Oh yes, indeed!!

Following on from my outburst on 'Vintage' Fashion a few months ago, I've recently come across Esme Wonders, who led me onto JuliaBobbin and her wonderful 'Mad Men Challenge'. As you are aware I'm studying textiles and photography, so I thought this would be the best opportunity to get my garments 'out' there.

So, keeping to the guidelines of the challenge rules, I chose a Mad Men image of a dress I admired.Here it is:

JuliaBobbin on Pinterest: Mad Men
Look past the clutter of the image and identify the beautiful gold brocade fabric and off- the- shoulder sleeves. I LOVE it. So, it inspired me to produce this:

Photography courtesy of Alimcfadian.
The lighting admittedly is a bit harsh, but you can get the gist of the whole garment. The main brocade fabric is actually a furnishing remnant, so I suppose that you can say you can make curtains fashionable! I used a simple satin lining in a tarnished gold colour.

It consists of an inverted pleat at the centre front of the skirt, and has a bodice that shapes in at the bust with bust darts and at the back. The straps sit just off-central of the shoulder, and it all fastens up at the back with a concealed zip.
IT.IS.SO.COMFY. Yes, the pleat looks a bit stiff, but that's nothing a few tacking stitches can't do to hold down in place. I wore it to The Clothes Show Live December 2012 and I can honestly say I didn't have any problems with self-conscious issues or 'uncomfortable' moments. Even when we were in the main arena where it was hot from the lighting (oh, and those hot looking models!).

To style it, I would pair with some outlandish yellow/mustard tights, a cardigan to match, and a pair of Mary-Jane Shoes. To enhance the femininity of the look, add an iconic Chanel handbag (not that I own or can afford one....yet) and the look is finished. Makeup? Up to you - I have no care for that element of fashion.

Please take a look at the challenge too - it will be inspiring to see others with different interpretations. x


  1. LOVE the dress and the fabric is perfect! Love that it's not traditional dress fabric too :)

  2. I work in a furnishings and haberdashery shop, so it's kind of a living picking up fabrics that aren't 'meant' to be dress fabrics; but it's the case that the garments last longer as they're much more hardwearing :) x

  3. I'm just starting to sew garments, I've only done two muslin mock ups so far of dresses i'm going to make for real. I found your blog looking up the madmen challenge and wondering what Madmen TV show was. Just wanted to say I love your dress

  4. Thank you! Please let me know how they went :) x