Friday, 28 September 2012


Oh yes, I have indeed been having fun - well, last Sunday to be precise, as it took me the whole day to accomplish a project I've been longing to do. I. Have. Found. Time. To. Do. What. I. LOVE.

 Do you remember me rambling on about that Burdastyle Bag that I wanted to have a go at making? Well, I've done it. I stuck to the original pattern as I wasn't too sure how the Burdastyle patterns would turn out, but I must say that I'm rather impressed and pleased with myself!
I came across this fabric at work - it's a silk blend fabric used primarily for soft furnishings, so I thought it

 would be ideal for its purpose. it did fray quite a bit, which annoyed my Dad more than me because it kept sticking to our table.
You might not have realised this yet but I LOVE toadstools. I'm trapped in this faerie escapade which I adorn and hold to my name like a chameleon does to his flies (the bug type, of course. Strange way of thinking, I know!). So, without further or do, my motif is the hand embroidered toadstool. Yes, you read that correctly, hand embroidered. It's such a beautiful way of adding colour and texture to a piece without being overwhelming and overly complicated, because anyone can do it at whatever level. The stitching did become a little loose here and there, but I feel that it adds to the quirky character of the piece. The final amazing element is the Elephant-print lining. My jaw dropped when I saw this come into work. It's a 100% cotton fibre, and it came in the Dark Blue (pictured) and Red, with me choosing the blue to not overpower the concept of colours used in the rest of the bag.

I'm in love with it and really hope that I end up making more Burdastyle products soon!!

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