Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Distance and Drifting Sledges

Neglection is never something I like to feel, nor would I want to create that feeling for someone else. It's horrible, let's face it, and I've been distant from my blog to try and calm a parranoia I've been fearing. However, it doesn't seem to have done much, and I'm scared of something that could potentially happen. It's a fear I've never felt before, of which I just want to go away and leave me forever to get on with things. It's like a deamon clouding me in an abyss of darkness and no hope seems to be shining through at the moment. I feel empty and alone. I wish I could talk to somebody but I'm scared of everyone and everything. It's terrifying...

Aside from that, I've been to France for a few weeks. Here are few photo's from my supposedly 'peace-dwelling' holiday, which you can see more of on my facebook page.

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