Monday, 18 June 2012

Gothic Tales and Other Oddities

It's occurred. I have now gone back to college after a brief study-leave and linger in an unpleasant mood. However, much to my delight, this mood has been lifted due to an unexpected turn of events. I dread English Literature, usually. But today, I have found out that I shall be studying Gothic Novels for my A2 work. I'm not brilliant at it, nor do I have a profound knowledge of texts or the theme; but I do have the up most desire for the theme's beauty and presence it holds in society. First novel? Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. This, shall indeed, be a wondrous read.

On another note, I have learnt that it's Etsy's Birthday!! Many happy returns, I must say! I'm particularly in love with this Celtic ring I found on their site, which I'm very convinced to purchase....once I have some more money (after buying loads more fabric!)...
Celtic ring from celticknotjeweler, found on Etsy

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